• Polarization Maintaining (PM)

High Extinction Ratio fiber interfaces

DIAMOND has more than 25 years’ experience in terminating Polarization Maintaining (PM) or/and Polarizing (PZ) fibers of various types (Panda, Bow Tie, PCF, elliptic core, and more). Our expertise in this technology is largely due to our metrology capability and direct involvement with the measurement standards.

Polarization Maintaining Technology

DIAMOND’s unique Active Core Alignment (ACA) process results in extremely low Insertion Loss (IL), even on small core fibers. In addition, we independently orient the core to a connector key using state-of-the-art a double cross polarizer, low coherence measurement method. Please consult our white paper for more information on this measurement method.

Two interfaces are available, PM+ on homologated configurations with higher PER and PM on a wider range of configuration, including our multi-channel DM4 based connectors.

Features and benefits
  • Proprietary Active Core Alignment (ACA) à Ultra low insertion loss (IL) and high Return Loss (RL)
  • Active Polarization Orientation (APO)
  • High Polarization Extinction Ration (ER or PER)
  • Ultra low tolerance keying mechanisms
  • Optimized ultra-polish techniques
  • 100% interferometry front face inspection

More about the DIAMOND PM products

Panda STD Polarization Maintaining fiber.png
Panda standard PM fiber
Bow tie Polarization Maintaining fiber.png
Bow tie PM fiber
Panda double clad Polarization Maintaining fiber.png
Panda double clad PM fiber
Oval core Polarization Maintaining fiber.png
Oval core PM fiber
Panda PCF Polarization Maintaining fiber.png
Panda PCF PM fiber
Oval inner clad Polarization Maintaining fiber.png
Oval inner clad PM fiber

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