• High Temperature connectors

Extended operating range optical interfaces

Industrial, military, aerospace, and many other environments often require to operate at temperatures beyond the conventional levels over longer periods of time. Diamond High Temperature (HT) solutions are developed specially to withstand operating temperatures that extend up to 150° C (302°F), i.e. way beyond the limits tolerated by conventional plastic connectors.

The HT assemblies rely upon a combination special fibers with appropriate coatings together with specifically engineered assembly techniques and materials. Diamond HT standard assemblies are available in PC and APC version with standard Multimode or Single-mode fibers on the following mechanical interfaces: FC, LSA (DIN), AVIM®, Mini AVIM®, DMI.


  • Reliable operation up to 150°C / 302°F
  • Low Insertion loss (IL) by using Active Core Alignment
  • Ultra high polish for high Return Loss (RL)
  • High Temperature connectors
    High Temperature connectors
  • High Temperature connectors

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