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Theoretical And Practical Fiber Optic Training

Diamond is well-established in the fiber optics arena and is trusted by Technicians, Engineers and Decision-Makers the world over. Our experienced fiber optic instructors are ready to share part of their knowledge with you during our customized trainings. We offer tailor-made courses and adapt the content to your needs and existing knowledge. You decide where and when the training should be held. Wheter in our modern and well-equipped training rooms or directly at your premises.

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Individual course content

Our expertise includes the following topics:

Theory Practice
  • Fiber optics basics
  • Fiber optic technology in the telecom sector
  • Fiber optic technology in industry
  • Fiber optic technology in photonics
  • Universal building cabling with fiber optics
  • Installation of FTTH sockets
  • Cleaning and inspection of standard connectors
  • Cleaning and inspection of high-power connectors
  • Fiber optic measurement, OTDR, Power Meter, Red light testing
  • Airbus Repair Kit
  • Connector assembly and repairs (small factory)

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Your contact person for all questions regarding our fiber optic trainings:

Christoph Werner
Responsbile Training
Phone: +41 58 307 45 45

Airliner Training Course

Introduction in fiber optics for harnessing systems in Airbus Aircrafts

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