• Fiber optic solutions

    Fiber Optic Assemblies for Applications up to 150°C

Low / High Temperature

Diamond Low / High Temperature solutions were developed specifically to withstand operating temperatures that extend up to 150° C (302°F), that are beyond the limits tolerated by conventional plastic connectors. Diamond High Temperature assemblies are designed and built with a combination of specialized assembly techniques and materials, together with specialty fibers and appropriate coatings. In addition to the traditional advantages, these assemblies offer immunity to electromagnetic interference, better environmental stability and enhanced remote sensing compared to conventional electronic sensors.

Assemblies are available in PC and APC polish with Multimode or Single-mode fibers.

  • Consistent low Insertion Loss (IL)
  • Ultra polishing for high Return Loss (RL)
  • Reliable operation up to 150°C / 320°F
Available Connector Interfaces
  • AVIM®
  • Mini AVIM®
  • Micro AVIM®
  • FC 
  • DMI

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