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Maintenance-free Expanded Beam interconnect solutions

The Diamond Expanded Beam (XB) connector series includes a range of non-contact lensed connectors.  The Diamond patented XB lensed ferrule is based on the Expanded Beam principle and fits into a variety of connector housings due to its compact design.

Compact lensed-ferrule technology

Unlike conventional ferrules, the lens ferrule operates on the Expanded Beam principle, ensuring reliable and maintenance-free optical connections with insensitivity to dirt and debris. The use of exceedingly precise components and unique assembly techniques results in a highly repeatable, low insertion loss ferrule, that opens new perspectives in the context of optical connections, where mating-cycles, dust insensitivity, reliability and low losses are required.

Diamond offers the following solutions:

  • Multichannel: 1 - 12 channels available
  • Hybrid optical and electrical
  • Compatible with standard connector housings (i.e. E-2000®, MPO, HE-2000®, MIL-38999 etc.)

Features of the Diamond XB series:

  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Non-contact connection
  • Insensitive to dirt and debris
  • High power reliability
  • Low risk of damage
  • High data rate capacity
  • Single mode fibers 9µm
  • Field repairable
  • Easy cleaning (Link to video tutorial)

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