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High Performance Fiber Optic Assemblies

Diamond’s outstanding reputation as a manufacturer of high-performance, reliable fiber optic components is wellearned. For many years, we have been a trusted partner to our customers, working closely with them to develop solutions for a wide range of projects. Diamond has a team of fiber optic specialists, who provide a personalized service for all kinds of applications.

Striving for progress

In 1979, the company developed its first connector with a two-component ferrule and a micro-manipulator to centre the fibre core within the connector. This method was already an attempt to achieve a lower insertion loss (IL). Later, Diamond brought the first push-pull connector with integrated dust cap onto the market: the renowned E-2000®. Further innovations followed not long after, such as 100% quality control, core-to-core centring, the two-component ferrule, a maximum insertion loss (IL) of 0.1 dB, a minimum return loss (RL) of 85 dB, high-power connectors up to 16 watts, polarisation-maintaining connectors, multi-fibre connectors and customer-specific connectors.

Connector overview - main features

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Automatic Protection Shutter

Locking Mechanism

Body Material

No of Channels

IP Protection

E-2000® Yes Push-Pull Plastic 1  
F-3000® (LC) Yes Push-Pull Plastic 1  
AVIM® Yes Thread-lock Metal 1  
Mini AVIM®   Thread-lock Metal 1  
Midi AVIM®   Thread-lock Metal 1  
Micro AVIM®   Clip-on system Metal  1  
DMI   Clip-on system Metal  1  
F-SMA   Thread-lock Metal 1  
DiaLink   Push-pull Plastic 1  
SC   Push-pull Metal 1  
FC   Thread-lock Metal / Plastic 1  
MFS   Push-pull Metal / Plastic 12 - 24  
HE-2000® Yes Push-pull Plastic 4 IP 67
MIL-83526 DM4   Thread-lock Metal / Plastic 4 IP 68
MIL-38999 DM4   Thread-lock Metal 4 - 12 IP 67
X-Beam   Thread-lock Metal / Plastic 1  4 IP 68
revos E-2000® Yes Push-pull Metal 2 IP 65
DiaFlex   Thead-lock Metal 12 - 24 IP 68



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