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The couplers on the fiber optic cable are used to separate or concentrate optical signals.

They are usually used in FTTx passive fiber optic networks and RFoG networks (EPON, GPON, FTTH), or they allow for the sharing and collection of signals from a central point (POP) to and from multiple terminals. They are basically divided into two large families:

  • “Splitters” which share the same signal (or two signals in certain cases) over all the terminals connected at their outputs and/or concentrate the signal from these terminals to one (or two) single points, generally referred to as POP and FTTx. But they are also extensively used in measuring devices to separate an input signal from an output signal, such as for the ODTR (optical time domain reflectometer), or even to allow for the measurement and monitoring of signals in an installation without having to disconnect and interrupt traffic on the line. They are also widely used in applications called “Sensorics” or in sensors
  • “WDM” (wavelength-division multiplexing), which are passive multiplexers and demultiplexers. These accessories allow for the concentration of signals with different wavelengths on a single fiber-optic cable or, quite conversely, to separate signals with different wavelengths to different outputs on the WDM module.

To simplify things, we could compare the “Splitter” to a HUB used in IT, while the “WDM” could be equated to a switch.

The Diamond couplers are produced using the FBT (fused biconical taper) technology, which is a certified method allowing for more flexibility during production, as well as to obtain products which are much more robust.


  • Low insertion loss
  • High reflection ratios
  • Selective handling over wavelengths or over the bandwidth
  • High thermal and mechanical stability
  • Split ratios can be selected (1% ... 50%)
  • Production according to customer specification
  • For more information, please contact your DIAMOND advisor

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