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    Test cable for Visual Fault Locator VFL in optical networks

Test Cable for Visual Fault Locator (VFL)

The special inspection cable for VFL (red light sources) from DIAMOND is equipped with a ferrule mounted at an offset, which helps to avoid any direct contact between the surfaces of the connectors during the connection.

An inspection using a red light source on fiber optic networks involves a number of connect/disconnect operations. Thanks to the special inspection cable, any particles of dirt are difficult to transfer to other contact surfaces. This considerably reduces the risk of deterioration of surfaces of other connectors, and saves time otherwise devoted to cleaning between each connection. The contact surfaces of the inspection cable connectors comply with DIAMOND top quality standards. In spite of the lack of physical contact, the luminous flux transferred is sufficient to conduct a visual inspection.

In the FTTH version, the elongated housing of the F-3000™ connector and the long lever of the unlocking mechanism considerably simplify handling during connect/disconnect operations in reduced spaces or with densely arranged connectors


  • No physical contact between the surfaces of the connectors
  • Spread of contamination sharply reduced
  • Extra long connector and lever for easy and quick handling for the F-3000™ version (LC compatible)
  • Available in E-2000™ and F-3000™ versions (LC compatible)
  • Customer specifies connector on light source side (selection of Diamond standard connectors)
  • Available in multi-mode or single-mode

Fields of application:

Optical network continuity inspection in 750 nm light (VFL: Visual Fault Locator)

For further information or specific configuration data, please contact your DIAMOND advisor or contact us via the “Request an offer” form, available on-line on this site.

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