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Fiber optic active components for any infrastructure

The FTTx market is subject to constant change and the growing data speed demands and various services require new cabling designs. 

After fibre optic technology was originally limited to a backbone function for the basic network, it is increasingly being used in offices and work environments, as well as in the “last mile” to your living room.

The use of Ethernet in your working life, private life as well as industrial environments offers the advantage of a standardised communication infrastructure.

DIAMOND SA offers an extensive range of active devices such as converters, bridges, switches and transceivers to convert light into electrical signals (FO Cu) and vice versa. With us, you will find the right device to network the individual workstations with the server. The optimal bandwidth services such as high-speed internet access, VoIP, CATV, video monitoring, etc. are possible with our devices.

We also offer a software management tool for the configuration and monitoring of individual devices.

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