• Fiber optic solutions

    Multifunctional desktop switch


The desk station combines everything that until now was separate. Not only the elegance makes this product attractive, but also its versatility is convincing: network connections, USB sockets, and power voltage outlets, all in one.

The "Fiber to the Desk" (FTTD) concept routes the fiber directly to the desk or workplace. It complies with the requirements of network designers, installers, IT specialists and users. Diamond's FTTD solution can be summarized in three simple words: intelligent, efficient and practical.


  • Can be equipped individually
  • Large range of models
  • Elegant and robust
  • To be use on table or floor
  • One single optical fiber only
  • Bi-directional data transmission


  • The robust DiaLink connector solution simplifies the installation of fiber optic connections. The DiaLink can be pulled directly into pipes over the entire length of the system, without damaging or contaminating the ferule surface, and connected to the socket simply by plugging it in. There is no need for splicing or any special equipment.


  • Patch panels, junction boxes and patchcords are important components of fiber optic networks. They are part of the entire network installation and help to maintain efficiency and quality. DIAMOND offers various solutions to enable optimal and powerful standards

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