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    Fiber fusion splicer for outdoor connectors

ZEUS D50 Harsh Environment

Based on the Diamond ZEUS D50 fusion splicing device, which allows a fast, simple and high-performance field termination of splice-on connectors (SOCs), we have developed a new kit which simplifies field repairs or assembly of RU connectors. The kit contains all the tools required for the preparation, processing and splicing of robust outdoor, military and industrial cables with an external diameter of 3 to 8 mm, including a fibre cutter and automatic insulation device with heatable clamps. Once the cable is fixed to the accompanying bracket, all three tasks can be carried out without further manipulation of cables. All tools can be safely stored in the robust hard-shell case (IP64) which also serves as a work surface in harsh environments. The ultra-compact all-in-one system can be removed from the case to make it easier to use.


  • User-friendly all-in-one system for insulating, fibre breakage and splicing, for the safe manipulation of cables
  • Optional sets for assembling Diamond OD3, F-3000™ ODVA, X-BEAM Fusion, revos E-2000 , RU-2000 and MIL-38999 DM
  • Sets for assembling Diamond E-2000™, F-3000™, SC, FC and ST™ Splice-On Connectors (SOCs)
  • Improved cable handling for 3–8 mm outdoor/military cables thanks to special brackets which ensure a lower splice loss
  • Kits with complete tool sets for all tasks, from cable preparation to the connection of connector bodies

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