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Alberino Tool Set

The preterminated "Alberino" pigtails or patchcords of DIAMOND are products which allow the customer to choose the required connector at the moment of installation without quality loss thanks to the modularity of DIAMOND‘s technology. Offering a complete range of solutions, this technology is the right choice for a variety of applications with various kinds of connectors, simplifying cabling and allowing a significant reduction of expensive material storage. DIAMONDs portable, Alberino tool set contains all necessary tools for the assembly of Diamond E-2000™, SC, FC or ST™ connector housings onto “Alberino” pigtails or patchcords.

One excellent solution for 4 connector standards.


Field installers, laser manufacturers, system manufacturers, system integrators, telecommunication, CATV, LAN, etc.


Dimensions: 455x368x166 mm (17.9x14.4x6.5 inches)

Weight: ca. 4.7 kg (10.4 lbs) 


  • Mounting pliers for PC and APC bodies
  • Adapters E-2000™,SC, FC, ST™ (PC/APC) for mounting pliers
  • 1 plastic box 338x260x57mm with connector bodies Assembly instructions

Set content

  • Visual Fault Locator (VFL), pen style
  • 2,5 mm Ferrule cleaner
  • CLETOP-S easy clean cassette
  • Inspection microscope

Specific adapters for unmated connectors:

  • E-2000TM PC/APC
  • F-3000™ PC/APC
  • F-SMA PC

Adapters for mounting pliers:

  • SC - ST™
  • FC - E-2000™ 

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